Julien Santini

Frenchman in China for over 10 years, Julien Santini is a wine specialist. He is currently completing the wine Diploma WSET 4. He delivers courses and organizes events on wine, social and professional manners. His expertise of intercultural relations is the result of his professional career working for MNCs. He has also been official judge for International Wine Competitions.

Julien Santini,法国人,在中国生活超过10年的葡萄酒专家。他正在考取WSET Diploma (WSET 4级) 的相关课程考试,主要从事葡萄酒、社交以及专业礼仪知识的传播工作和活动。他曾在不同国家工作,这让Julien在跨文化交流方面有着独特见解。同时,他也担任过多项国际葡萄酒大赛的评委。